Fill out our order form and pay securely online, then either use your own packaging with the safety directions we email you, or wait for one of our secure boxes to arrive at your property. The boxes we send to you will include labels so you can package with ease. Then simply take it to the post office – you will either have an emailed label with a QR code or a label printed within your box if requested.



Receive A Box Or Send In Your Own Packaging

You can wait for us to send a box, which will come complete with a return label and postal service compliant inserts to make sure your items are kept safe. Alternatively, you can send the items in your own packaging. We would then email you a label with a QR code, which the post office will scan to print your label. We offer full instructions on our FAQ page.


Take Your Package To A Local Post Office

After payment, you will receive 1-2 emails, one of which will contain your order confirmation along with a post office location finder to help you find your closest one. If you have opted to send in your own packaging, the second email will provide a return label that can be scanned to produce your label at the post office.


Same-Day to 24-Hour Turnaround

We understand that your tools are an essential part of your daily life. As long as we receive items between Monday and Friday, we will have those items ready for a return to you within 24 hours. Where possible, we aim to have items that are delivered to our workshop in the morning ready for dispatch by the end of the day.


Items Returned Freshly Sharpened

The items you send to use can be back at your business or home, freshly sharpened, in as little as three days. We have multiple postal options to make sure that your items are transported to our workshop and back to you, meeting your budget and time constraints. Order now and you'll have your items back, sharpened to precision, before you know it.


Affordable Sharpening Services For the UK Made Almost Too Simple

We have made the process of a postal sharpening service ridiculously easy – thanks to our packaging solutions and rapid turnaround times, we provide the very best solution.

Our ordering system allows you to book custom services as well as knife sharpening gift boxes, where we send you an easy to package box with return labels inside. Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry and want to use your own packaging, we can send email directions for the best way to pack and a return postal label featuring a QR code the post office will print for you. Once your order has been placed, an email will be sent to you with clear directions on how your order is processed, depending on the choices you make at checkout.

Alongside offering the very best in affordable streamlined UK sharpening services, we also have a fully outfitted workshop offering one of the UK’s largest range of serviceable items. To see what we can sharpen, please check in the navigation or go to order your service, where we have all tool sharpening prices itemized.


Once you fill in our SUPER SIMPLE 4-STEP FORM, we’ll dispatch within 24 hours the simple and secure packing box that you can fill, label, and seal within 60 seconds.


You might be in a real hurry to have your items sharpened and cannot afford to wait around for us to send one of our secure boxes. If this is the case, then here are some great options you can use to make sure that you are compliant with your postal carrier.

Why Use Us Over A UK Mobile Sharpening Service?

You might be looking for a mobile service in the UK to make your life easier, but sometimes this may not be the case. Postal might seem like the option that comes with more hassle, but it can offer some benefits through us. For one, with a mobile service, you may have to wait a couple of weeks for a booking. With us, you can have your items back to you in as little as 72 hours.
You might also find that your local mobile sharpener’s work is not up to scratch, whereas we provide a consistent and highly reviewed service.
When you choose our service, we make sure there's as little work involved for you as possible. We deliver you the box, labels, and custom packaging that compresses your blades tight into the box, so they are safe for transit and won't get damaged.

rio support


Give a friend or family member the wonderful gift of sharp knives, come Christmas or Birthdays, this is ideal for anyone that loves to cook.

The Hobby Chef
Up to 6 Knives

Gift Box Provided

Included Damage Repair

6-10 Day Turnaround

Free Postage

Faster Postal Options Available At Checkout


The Enthusiast Chef
Up to 8 Knives

Gift Box Provided

Included Damage Repair

6-10 Day Turnaround

Free Postage

Faster Postal Options Available At Checkout


The Pro Chef
Up to 12 Knives

Most Popular

Gift Box Provided

Included Damage Repair

6-10 Day Turnaround

Free Postage

Faster Postal Options Available At Checkout


The Knife Nut
Up to 16 Knives

Gift Box Provided

Included Damage Repair

6-10 Day Turnaround

Free Postage

Faster Postal Options Available At Checkout



Chef Knives And Ceramic knives

We are the premier sharpening solution, offering varied UK services for many sharpen-able tools that you may find difficult to have sharpened locally. Our machines have the functionality for creating multiple blade angles, which is important when you are dealing with different kinds of knives. For instance, a standard culinary knife would be sharpened at a 30-degree angle, whereas meat cleavers are sharpened with a far wider angle. For these more heavy-duty tools a wider edge is beneficial, as they require much more strength for chopping through far harsher materials.

Barber & Hairdresser Scissors

Hairdresser and Barber Scissors can be ridiculously expensive to buy, so when it comes to having these scissors or shears sharpened you want to know that they are being tended to professionally. We offer a full service – as well as the actual shear sharpening itself we also make sure that they are maintained and balanced correctly before returning to the customer.

Horse Clipper Blade, Dog Clipper Blade, Veterinary & Groomer Tool Sharpening

Mobile sharpening services for veterinary tools and grooming tools, such as shears and clipper blades can be tricky to come by, and as any groomer will know, there is an incredibly fine art to the sharpening of a clipper blade. We have 30 years' experience of sharpening clipper blades and stand by our level of quality and professionalism. When you arrive at our booking system you will find a full array of items that we can sharpen to ensure you can carry out your job effectively and with peace of mind.

mandolinblades sharpening.jpeg

Mandolin Blades And Food Processor Blades

Professional kitchens especially need to make sure that their mandolin and food processor blades are kept in top shape. When these blades start to blunt, food production slows down and in a busy restaurant this can become a real hassle for a chef. We realize that most customers would require a mobile service for sharpening mandolin and food processor blades, but many locations do not have these facilities. Our sharpening solution has been devised to offer the best and most convenient alternative service. We make this sharpening experience as quick and complete as possible for both commercial and domestic customers.

Tailor Shears And Overlock Blade Sharpening

One of our more popular sharpening service orders comes from busy tailors. We deal with many professional dressmakers from this arena for items such as tailors shears, rotary cutters, and overlock blades. Much like hairdresser scissor sharpening, this is a delicate process and needs the labor and equipment of a specialist to create a long-lasting finish. We realize that these are workers' tools, and they are tough to be without, and in situations like this we recommend to our clients to send the tailor's tools away while keeping some tools in reserve to work with.




What You Should Know About Pet Clipper Blades

Clipper blades make a huge difference to the grooming process. The correct clipper blade can make the job so much simpler, whereas the wrong blade can make the job an absolute misery……


Ways To Maintain Your Knives At Home

There are various different routes you can go down in order to maintain your Knives at home. Some are more geared to honing rather than sharpening and it is best to know this when looking to sharpen your knives……


Maintaining Your Hairdresser Scissors

This article will inform you exactly how to make best use of your sharpened blade, ensuring that when new and after sharpening the scissors can have their edge maintained so that the duration of the sharpness and also the product will offer a better life time……

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