Receive A Box Or Send In Your Own Packaging

You can wait for us to send a box, this will come complete with a return label and postal service compliant inserts to make sure your items are kept safe. Alternatively, you can send the items in your packaging, we then email you a label with a QR code the post office will scan to print your label. We offer full direction on our FAQ page.


  Take Your Package To A Local Post Office

After payment, you will receive 1-2 emails, one will contain your order confirmation along with a post office location finder to help you find your closest one. If you have opted to send in your packaging, the second email will provide a return label that can be scanned to produce your label at the post office.


Same-Day to 24 Hour Turnaround

Our team realizes that client's tools can be an essential part of their daily lives. As long as we receive items between Monday and Friday we will have those items ready for a return to you within 24 hours. Where possible we aim to have items that are delivered to our workshop in the morning ready for dispatch by the end of the day.


Items Returned Freshly Sharpened

The items you send to use can be back freshly sharpened at your business or home in as little as three days. We have multiple postal options to make sure that your items are transported to our workshop and back to you, meeting your budget and time constraints. Order now and you'll have your items back sharpened with absolute precision before you know it.


Making Affordable Tailor Shear Sharpening Exceptionally Easy for UK Customers

Tailor shear sharpening has been made ridiculously easy with our simple packing and delivery services. In addition to offering services for customers in the tailoring trade, we also offer gift boxes for knife sharpening.

We offer clients several options to ensure faster delivery of quality tailor shear sharpening services, letting you choose between your packaging or one of our safe boxes. We make sure all your tailor tools are safely transported to our workshop, and then back to your premises. Customers may choose one of our dressmaker's safe boxes for the transporting of their item, if this is the case they will be provided with all the necessary internal packaging and a return label. If time is a factor we will email you a link that will have directions on how to package safely, and an emailed QR code that you can use to have your return label printed at the post office.

Please select from the navigation bar or click on the button below for a comprehensive list of fabric tools we can sharpen with speed and precision.

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Once you fill in our SUPER SIMPLE 4 STEP FORM, we’ll dispatch within 24 hours the super safe and easy packing box that you can fill, label, and seal within 60 seconds.


Some clients may be in a real hurry to have their items sharpened and cannot afford to wait around for us to send one of our safe boxes, if this is the case then here are some great options you can use to make sure that you are compliant with your postal carrier.

Why Should You Use Us Instead Of A Local Mobile Tailor Shear Sharpening Business?

You might be looking for local tailor shear sharpening services in the UK to make your life simpler, but sometimes this won't be the case. For most tailors, postal shear sharpening services means more hassle, but we can offer some benefits when using us.

For one if you’re confronted with having to wait around for a month to get a booking, with us you can have your items back to you in as little as 3 days. You might also find that your local mobile tailor scissor sharpening services' work is not to your satisfaction, our team offers a consistent and top reviewed service. Our professionals make a dressmaker’s scissor sharpening service unbelievably simple for clients, so if they do opt to use us there’s very little effort for the customer.

We provide the box, the labels, and custom in box packaging that compresses your items tightly, so they are both safe for transit and will not get broken. It’s as simple and straightforward as walking them to your local post office.

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Find out which tailors tools we sharpen, and the process of how they are sharpened. A video well worth watching for piece of mind if you value your knives. 


Affordable Tailor Shear Sharpening Professionals

Not being a mobile service makes it more difficult to keep our costs down, that being said we have systemized our business in order to bring the very best tailor scissor sharpening service to our clients. Our production line systems from workshop to logistics have enabled us to provide cheaper tailor shear sharpening services to the marketplace. You may find that indeed we are not the cheapest solution, but that is largely due to the more thorough processes we have in place to create a far more long-lasting shear edge.

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Professional Tailor Shear Sharpening You Can Trust

There really is nothing worse than trying to sharpen professional shears with cheap net bought trinkets, especially when you are limited in your knowledge. Tailor shear sharpening by novices with cheap devices can not just destroy an edge, but additionally cause significantly more wear on the blade. The lack of expertise and proper tools in sharpening shears can lead to less productivity and more excess damage, it can create a false economy.

Is It Just Fabric Shears We Sharpen?

We facilitate many different industries and are happy to facilitate tailors as well as building trade, chefs, pet and barber services. While ordering your tailor shear sharpening services you may want to sharpen up more of the many other tools you might have.


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